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Happy Re-BIRTHday MBAD!

After almost a year of excitement, nerves and quite a bit of hurry up and wait, Mia Bella Active Dancewear is officially ready for distribution!  I had no idea when I began to launch this line over a year ago, how emotional of a process it would be. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, I am used to putting my mind to something and getting it done, so all the speed bumps along the road from design to department store left me feeling discouraged and disenchanted. Designs have been started and scrapped, material has been reworked over and over, color palettes have varied, and even production companies have been changed. For the most part, it was as if God was working on me to accept change, and be patient, and believe. And really, what other options did I have? I had come too far to turn back, and I am definitely not a quitter. So, I tried to just focus on using the time to make every ounce of this line perfect. Every stitch, every button, even down to logo placement and tagging. Designs started to creep in, which started to renew my passion to make these pieces even more special. One by one, products started to be approved, and we began to close in on production dates. I am so proud to say, that tomorrow, January 14th, official sales will begin at our flagship store in Palm Coast, and online shortly there after. I have such big plans for this line, and I hope you all will love it as much as I do. Patience is still not my favorite virtue, however these clothes have definitely been worth the wait!




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