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Supply and Demand, as told by Brie

So, I wanted to keep everyone up to speed on what the last couple weeks have been like for me.  Before I actually began the production process, I thought of everything in terms of supply and demand. Meaning, I am supplying someone with a great design, and in turn, demanding them to produce it, in what I considered a totally fair amount of time, like maybe, five minutes? Ten minutes if I was being generous. One of my dearest friends recently told me that I am a "do-er". I "just get things done". When the realization hit me that the process of supply in demand in my head was not matching up with the actuality at hand, the "do-er" in me was SCREAMING! I have photo shoots I want to plan, a brick and mortar store ready to  be stocked, and lots of high profile events I want to attend to start creating brand recognition. I want it now, Now, NOW! It was time for a few deep breaths, and possibly a glass, or ten, of wine. As, I slowly simmered, and became a reasonable human being again, I started to appreciate some of why things were taking this long. My designs are being converted into logistics and into patterns, down to where buttons and snaps are placed, what kinds are used, and what kind of stitches we want(i.e. flat, zig zagged, seamless). The looks are being refined. The Arve Joggers, for example, are meant to be a uni-sex piece, with a loose fit, and a relaxed look, and took a few tries to get the specifications to my liking. As much as I would like it to be a snap my fingers and POOF,  the product appears situation, I am starting to appreciate that quality takes time. And believe it or not, I am actually enjoying this learning curve, and feel like I am not only creating something great, but gaining knowledge and bettering myself in the process. As of today, I have submitted all 8 of my first designs, approved the specs, and am moving towards patterning and sampling. In the next few weeks,  I am looking forward to experimenting with different fabrics, and choosing colors that everyone will love. Once the first samples come in, I will be announcing a few of my MBAD Brand aMBAssaDors. I have chosen some really lovely and talented young ladies, and we will be having a contest to search for some new faces, too! Excited to share this journey with all of you, and learning to appreciate every minute along the way!



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