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Happy Birthday to wearMBAD!

Salutations and Happy New Year! I am so over the moon to begin the journey ahead with my apparel line, and with my kids, friends, and dogs  pretty  much over hearing me talk non stop about it, I decided to begin this blog, and share my excitement with a less captive audience. After returning home from my 4 day, whirl wind trip to NYC and getting this ball rolling, barely a minute has passed without my mind turning with designs, ideas, and plans to make Mia Bella Active Dancewear revolutionize the industry. Prior to undertaking this endeavor, I, like every dance mom near and far, spent endless hours trying to find my daughter the Hermes of active wear. Items from large chain operations either were not consistent in sizing or quality, or came with the high risk of  every girl in the convention room  wearing the same thing(GASP).  I then turned to custom dance wear, which is amazing,and I loved, except the fact that it's 5x more pricey, and with my daughter on a never ending growth spurt, I couldn't contract it in fast enough to keep that being a viable option.Though, of course, there are a few industry giants, that make a quality product,I still was not satisfied. Take PrettyPrettyPear, for example, a faction to which I have been a long time customer. Their fit and quality is lovely, but  they will  definitely not  be storming the run way at Fashion Week anytime soon. With ho-hum prints and lack luster colors, this fashionista was left feeling  pretty deflated.My wallet  had a similar sentiment after making even the smallest purchase, and back to square one I went. So, what now? I have never been the kind of person to dwell on a problem, without finding a solution. Problem: I need dance wear for my daughter and students that fit well, keeps them comfortable, and is unique and trendy enough to make them feel as good as they look. No riding up or falling down, no yucky sweat stains, and  a look ready for the studio or the stage. It was then that I realized, I could be my own solution! Dance and fashion are pretty much the driving forces in my life, and the combination of both of them together is borderline euphoric for me. And so, with these ideals in mind, Mia Bella Active Dancewear was born. Though we are currently in the wings, I know we will be ready to make our stage debut soon. I plan to keep everyone in the loop about the entire process, from design and fabric choices, to production and development, all the way through delivery and our upcoming search for MBrand AmbassaDors to wearMBAD in STYLE! I hope you all will enjoy this journey with me, and I look forward to helping all dancers live their passion and love their passion!




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