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Happy Re-BIRTHday MBAD!

After almost a year of excitement, nerves and quite a bit of hurry up and wait, Mia Bella Active Dancewear is officially ready for distribution!  I had no idea when I began to launch this line over a year ago, how emotional of a process it would be. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, I am used to putting my mind to something and getting it done, so all the speed bumps along the road from design to department store left me feeling discouraged and disenchanted. Designs have been started and scrapped, material has been reworked over and over,...

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Supply and Demand, as told by Brie

So, I wanted to keep everyone up to speed on what the last couple weeks have been like for me.  Before I actually began the production process, I thought of everything in terms of supply and demand. Meaning, I am supplying someone with a great design, and in turn, demanding them to produce it, in what I considered a totally fair amount of time, like maybe, five minutes? Ten minutes if I was being generous. One of my dearest friends recently told me that I am a "do-er". I "just get things done". When the realization hit me that the process...

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Happy Birthday to wearMBAD!

Salutations and Happy New Year! I am so over the moon to begin the journey ahead with my apparel line, and with my kids, friends, and dogs  pretty  much over hearing me talk non stop about it, I decided to begin this blog, and share my excitement with a less captive audience. After returning home from my 4 day, whirl wind trip to NYC and getting this ball rolling, barely a minute has passed without my mind turning with designs, ideas, and plans to make Mia Bella Active Dancewear revolutionize the industry. Prior to undertaking this endeavor, I, like every...

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